Installation function - drying of production and its packing in a dehydrated medium.
The equipment consists of two separate elements connected among themselves.

Equipment elements:

1 . Furnace drying


Temperature in the furnace adjustable max of 120 °C;

Furnace dimensions:


Width: 1150мм;

Height: 2000мм;

• existence of vacuum which is provided by means of the vacuum pump of the offered modification with a productivity 25м ³ / h;
• in the furnace pressure of 0,02 mbar has to be created;

Function of the furnace is product heating that leads to evaporation of residual humidity in packing.

During all cycle of drying in the furnace the vacuum by means of the vacuum pump that will allow to exempt a product from moisture effectively will be supported.

The pump, carrying out air pumping from the furnace, deletes as well moisture.

The drying cycle (operating time of heaters) lasts 10 hours. Heaters turn on in the moment when the vacuum in the furnace reaches 15 mbar.

In the furnace supply of dry air is provided. Air in the furnace moves several times in the course of drying for the short-term period, with the purpose to carry out production "rinsing", having exempted it from residual moisture, and also after completion of process, with the purpose to make possible portal discovery for the subsequent giving of production in glove boxing.

Drainage of air is carried out by means of a molecular sieve. Dew-point in glove boxing - 65-70 °C.

2 . Glove boxing


workplace on 6 gloves;
existence of the cooling equipment for maintenance in boxing of temperature of 18-20 °C (since in glove boxing the adhesive equipment will work at a temperature of 120-140 °C);
humidity in Glove boxing within 4 ppm
air drainage in Glove boxing has to be carried out by means of a molecular sieve;
Dry air in glove boxing moves continuously: 24 hours/days 365 days in a year.

Function of Glove boxing is the zapayka of the fourth edge of the dried-up blisters by means of a welding machine.

Wednesday in Glove boxing is supported constantly in a dry mode to avoid humidity hit in production.

Two elements are connected among themselves so that humidity doesn't get into Glove Boxing.

The furnace, for movement of products, is supplied with the cart access to which opens only after end of a cycle of drying.

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