Vacuum installation VTT-1600.

It is intended for drawing in vacuum of thin-film wearproof and decorative coverings on stainless steel sheets, the tool, ware and тд. In the vakuumno-plasma way from electrowire refractory materials of the titan, zirconium, molybdenum and their connections with gases (nitrides, carbides, carbonnitrides) by means of arc and magnetron evaporators with preliminary clearing of substrates by an ionic source. Vacuum installation VTT-1600 allows to put coverings of various colour scale. Thanks to two types of industrial equipment (drum-type and planetary) it is possible to put coverings both on sheets, and on products of the difficult form.


Internal diameter of chamber D=1600mm.

Length L=2300mm.

Effective zone of drawing of a covering l=1700mm.

Diameter of industrial equipment d=1400mm.

Loading useful area 7,5m ².

Time of a cycle of drawing: - nitride of the titan of 45 mines;

Power consumption of vacuum installation:

- In a mode of drawing of a covering no more than 80 kw;

- In a mode откачки no more than 40 kw.

The maximum temperature of heating of a substrate 400ºС.

The expense of cold water in system of cooling no more than 1,2 m ³/h.

Into installation structure enter:

Two highvacuum exhaust systems on the basis of pumps NVDM-400/7000;

Forvacuum exhaust system on the basis of pumps AVZ-180/ND-500;

Arc evaporators in number of 7 pcs;

Ionic source of clearing and ассистирования with a working zone 1700mm;

Магнетронные unbalanced evaporators in number of 2 pcs;

System hydraulic (ASCO);

System pneumatic (SMC);

Two complete sets of industrial equipment;

Rack power with four power units of arc evaporators;

Rack power with power units magnetrons and an ionic source;

Rack power with power units basic and three arc evaporators;

Rack of management on the basis of industrial controller SIMATIC-S7 with the control panel.

Into rack structure enters as a monitor the expense of working gases with optical gauges for the control of repeatability of colour.

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