Vacuum installation VTT-PLASMA.

Vacuum installation for drawing of protective and protectively-decorative coverings by refractory electrospent materials: the titan, chrome, zirconium, molybdenum, the titan, aluminium, and also their connections with gases (TiN, TiC, ZrN, AlN-TiN-AlN etc.) vacuum-plasma way on substrates from metal of ceramics, glass, plastic, etc.

On installation following technological processes are realised:

- Preliminary heating and обезгаживание surfaces of a product heaters and electronic heating;

- Ionic clearing, etching of a surface of products;

- Deep плазмохимическая processing of a surface of products;

- Drawing by an electroarc method of single-layered and multilayered coverings on the basis of pure metals or their connections: nitrides, carbides, carbonitrides.

Technical characteristics.

Chamber height 600mm.

Working diameter of industrial equipment 500mm.

Limiting residual pressure in the chamber 8х10-4 the Pas.

Installation structure.



Highvacuum exhaust system on base диффузионного pump NVDM-400/7000


Lowvacuum exhaust system on base  unit AVZ 20/ND 200


Arc evaporators with cathode Ø of 63 mm


Ionic source of clearing from the worker to 400 mm


Heaters intrachamber


Drive of rotation of industrial equipment


Industrial equipment (it is made under напыляемые products in coordination with the customer)


The high-voltage block of displacement on industrial equipment


IR the Pyrometer for the control of temperature of a product


System газонапуска with automatic maintenance of pressure, quantity of channels not less than 3


Management of installation probably in two variants:

- Semi-automatic (automatic откачка chambers);

- The automatic.

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