Modernisation of vacuum furnace ABAR

Experts of Co Ltd "VTT" had been made works on modernisation of the vacuum furnace of English manufacture АВАR of model HR 50х48 at Co Ltd factory «Bryansk factory"Turboremont".

As a result of modernisation following works have been performed:
1. The new rack of management on the basis of the industrial controller is made.
It has allowed to automate completely managerial process exhaust system and technological processes.
The control system allows to create technological processes to the operator, creates report files, conducts continuous monitoring in the form of schedules:
- Temperatures of products on six mortgage thermocouples,
- Temperatures on three oven thermocouples,
- Capacities of heating,
- Speeds of heating,
- Indications of vacuum gauges,
- Temperatures of cooling water,
Management of heating is carried out on oven and mortgage thermocouples that has allowed to make heating of products in regular more intervals on all volume.
2. Replacement old форвакуумных pumps on new pumps of German firm PFEIFFER is made.
3. Are replaced: a trap highvacuum, the valve forvacuum, pipelines forvacuum, repair diffusion the pump is made.
4. The system of giving and water plum is completely replaced.
5. Operating transformers are repaired.
6. The zone of heating which includes molibdenic heaters and 5 filters is completely replaced.
As a result of modernisation were not only passport characteristics of the vacuum furnace in respect of heating and vacuum are restored, but also management of installation is qualitatively improved.
Standard technological processes of training under concrete products of the customer are developed.

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