Diameter of the cathode is from 25 to 160 mm;

The maximum current of the category to 200 A.

Magnetron source of plasma.

Length of a target is L from 50 to 3000 mm;

The maximum current of the category to 120 A.

Regulator of the expense of gas

It is intended for management of a stream of technological gases in processes магнетронного and electro-arc drawing of films of metals of their nitrides, оксидов and carbides. For pressure maintenance in the vacuum chamber the feedback from pressure gauges can be used. The device forms as ШИМ a signal for management вибронатекателями, and an analogue signal for management of flowmeters.

Technical characteristics:
Quantity of target channels - 5
Amplitude operating ШИМ a signal - 24V
Frequency operating ШИМ a signal - 10Hz
Operating analogue signal - 0-10V
Quantity of entrance channels of a feedback - 2
Pressure of a signal of a feedback - 0-10V
Pressure of a food of the device - 110-220В, 50/60Hz
Power consumption no more - 35W
Overall dimensions of SxVxG - 144х72х180mm

Ion source of clearing and assistance.

The size of a working zone from 50 to 3000 mm;

Working pressure to 3,5 кV;

Density of an ionic current 10... 30 ma/sm of length

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